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Met Police “Palestine” officer under investigation

Amidst the rising conflict between Israel and Palestine, a Metropolitan Police Officer is now under investigation for hugging a protestor and shouting “free Palestine” whilst holding a white rose, symbolically showing support for the protest. The Met Police’s department for Professional Standards is investigating the matter, with the force stating they “expect officers to engage” but reiterating that “they must remain impartial.” MORE AS THE STORY DEVELOPS

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Cadbury suffers flake shortages across UK

Iconic chocolate makers Cadbury's have been hit by a shortage of their notoriously crumbly chocolate bars, the trusty flake. Mondelez issued a statement to say that they have experienced "a recent increase in demand for our Cadbury 99 Flake in the UK and Ireland." Social media users have sprung into action contemplating what could replace the trusty chocolate bar in the famous 99 ice cream, with some users suggesting Freddo […]

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Restrictions ease across Mainland Scotland; What does Level 2 mean?

Today, Monday 17 May most Mainland Scotland and its Islands will take the next step out of lockdown, into Level Two restrictions. Glasgow and Moray, however, will remain in Level Three because of an influx in Coronavirus cases. But, what does level two mean for those today, adapting to another change? Level Two Guidelines Social Guidelines People may meet outdoors in up to groups of eight people, from eight households. […]

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Scotland hit vaccine milestone


Scotland: More than three million have had first COVID jab

Over three million eligible, in Scotland have received at least their first COVID vaccination. is This good news for many, as it means more than half of the adult population have had their jab. 66.6% of Scotland's adult population have had the first dose of the Coronavirus Vaccine, dated to Friday May 14th. This is a big moment for Scotland and after recent scares in hotspot spikes, of the virus. […]

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This really takes the biscuit – “Percy Pig Sandwich Creams”

Marks and Spencers have released the latest member of their animal-based snack and confectionery range this time under the popular character umbrella, Percy Pig. What started as a gelatin-based snack, has now grown massively with bed sets, umbrellas and bags for life now being branded with the pink pig. 'Well This Is New' an account on Twitter dedicated to finding all the latest snacks and products for consumers, tweeted to […]

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Post Office to “help” wrongly prisoned post masters

The Post Office has promised to help clear the names of the former post office staff they that they had prosecuted based on the fault Horizon software system. 540 staff are being contacted about related convictions, with around 30 former postmasters having been wrongly convicted and some even sent to prison either on remand or having been found guilty. A spokesperson for the post office said “We sincerely apologise for […]

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