Edinburgh International Film Festival in partnership with Essential Edinburgh returns to St Andrew Square Gardens for an opening weekend of free outdoor screenings from Friday 12 August to Sunday 14 August  

Film Fest in the City is pleased to announce that they will allow free un-ticketed entry to all screenings by walk-up on a first come, first served basis, subject to availability of space. On arrival, please make your way to the ‘Event Entrance’ located on the south-west corner of St Andrew Square (Jenners’ Entrance).

Friday 12 August

11.00 – Paddington (2014)

Everyone’s favourite bear in his first big screen adventure as he travels from deepest darkest Peru to London to try and find himself a new home.

13.00 – Fantastic Mr Fox (2009)

Filmmaker Wes Anderson guides an A-list cast in this stop-motion take on Roald Dahl’s classic book.

14.45 | SHORT FILM: What Makes Soup, Soup?

15.00 – Christopher Robin (2018)

Ewan McGregor stars as a now-grown-up Christopher Robin who is visited by Winnie the Pooh to help find his lost friends in the Hundred Acre Wood.

17.00 | SHORT FILM: Neville is Dead

17.30 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

Join us for high-flying spectacle in filmmaker Ang Lee’s martial arts masterpiece.

19.40 | SHORT FILM: Flit

20.00 – 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

One of the greatest cinematic experiences of all time. Stanley Kubrick’s journey into space is designed for the big screen.

Saturday 13 August

11:00 – Brave (2012)

Follow Princess Merida as she forges her own path in Disney and Pixar’s journey into the mythical Scottish kingdom of DunBroch. Celebrating Scotland’s Stories on Screen. Pre-screening family entertainment, including face-painting.

12.50 | SHORT FILM: Fear of Flying

13:00 – The Illusionist (2010)

Based on the story by Jacques Tati, this beautifully animated tale tells of a French illusionist who travels to Scotland, where he meets a young woman where their exciting adventures together change both their lives forever. Celebrating Scotland’s Stories on Screen. Pre-screening family entertainment.

14.49 | SHORT FILM: Widdershins

15:30  –  Rob Roy (1922)

Join us for a special live musical performance by multi-instrumentalist David Allison to accompany this impressive 1922 classic film.

David Allison’s accompaniment was originally commissioned and presented by the Hippodrome Silent Film Festival – Scotland’s first and only festival celebrating silent film with live music, taking place annually in March at the Hippodrome – Scotland’s first purpose-built cinema www.hippfest.co.uk

Celebrating Scotland’s Stories on Screen

17.20 | SHORT FILM: Betty

18:00 – Wall-E (2008)

An all singing, all dancing modern classic from Pixar.

20.00 | SHORT FILM: Don vs Lighting

20:15 – Free Guy (2021)

Affable bank clerk Ryan Reynolds discovers he is a computer game character in this recent action comedy.

Sunday 14 August

11:00 – Shrek (2001)

Join a whole host of fairy tale characters in this animated, tuneful and funny animated adventure.

13:00 – Big (1989)

Tom Hanks reconnects with his youth in this 80s family classic.

15:15 – Whip It (2009)

Get your skates on and join Babe Ruthless and the roller-derby team in this funny and quirky drama.

17:30 – The Farewell (2021)

A funny and uplifting tale of a family reconnecting with their past

19:45 – Twilight (2008)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart star in this everlasting teenage vampire romance.