Ian Blackford, SNP urges the Prime Minister to resign in PMQ’s

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PMQ's: SNP, Ian Blackford calls the PM to resign after breaking public trust and his own laws.


PM, Boris Johnson is under scrutiny for breaking his own Coronavirus rules. 

An inquiry into an alleged ‘bring your own booze party’ is ongoing, but today (Wednesday 12 January) the situation was addressed in PMQ’s.

The Prime Minister claims the party, in which he attended, was a ‘work event’ and continued to give his ‘heartfelt apologies’. 

Ian Blackford, SNP, held the Prime Minister to account and urges him to ‘do the right thing and resign’.

And if the PM is incapable of doing this himself then members of the Conservative party must act to remove him. 

The inquiry into the ‘bring your own booze party’ held at Downing Street during May 2020 would break serious lockdown restrictions and the PM will not jump to conclusions about the outcome of the inquiry. 

Though, Ian Blackford wants the PM to take more responsibility and resign, as the event which should not have happened has betrayed the public. 

He said, whilst the public were suffering pain and anguish, ‘The Prime Minister was drinking and laughing behind the walls of his private garden’. 

If the PM himself has no sense of remorse, members of the Conservative party should remove the ‘unfit prime minister from office’ and do it now. 


Written by: Heather Davey

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  1. Jack Burton on January 12, 2022

    Great article really keeping me up to date on something that matters a lot to me keep it going Heather !!!!

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