Amy Winehouse Biopic Unveils First Look: Marisa Abela Stars as Iconic Singer

STUDIOCANAL and Monumental Pictures

A poignant image from the upcoming biopic "Back To Black" portrays Amy Winehouse in her trademark style, depicting the late singer with a somber gaze, showcasing her distinctive heavy black eyeliner and upper lip piercing.

Portrayed by Marisa Abela from "Industry," the film, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson of "50 Shades Of Grey" fame, delves into Winehouse's tumultuous life in London and her meteoric rise to fame.

Set to hit UK and Irish cinemas on April 12, 2024, the movie features an ensemble cast, including Lesley Manville, Eddie Marsan, and Jack O’Connell, with the endorsement of The Amy Winehouse Estate.

The biopic aims to capture Winehouse's exceptional talent, honesty, and creative genius, tracing her journey from Camden High Street to international acclaim. Offering a behind-the-scenes perspective, the film delves into Winehouse's personal struggles, ultimately leading to her tragic death at 27 due to accidental alcohol poisoning in 2011.

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson, known for "Nowhere Boy," collaborates with screenwriter Matt Greenhalgh to explore Winehouse's life, promising a heartfelt narrative that encompasses the singer's iconic hits from her groundbreaking album "Back To Black." The album not only propelled her to stardom but also earned her five Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year for the soulful anthem "Rehab."

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