Officers "upset" by Channel 4 doc exposing corruption

Image: Channel 4

Rank and file police officers say they are upset with their Chief Constable for allowing Channel 4 to make a documentary exposing corrupt and abusive officers in the force.

Police officers at Avon and Somerset Police have expressed strong disapproval of their force's involvement in the television documentary "To Catch A Copper".

Representatives from the Avon and Somerset Police Federation conveyed feelings of anger and disappointment, stating they felt let down by the decision to participate in the program.

The three-part series, aired on Channel 4, offers viewers a glimpse into the operations of the Avon and Somerset professional standards department as they investigate cases involving their own officers.

In a survey conducted by the federation among its members, over 400 respondents shared their sentiments regarding the documentary.

Comments ranged from deep sadness to outright indignation.

One officer lamented the Chief Constable's decision to showcase the force's shortcomings to the public, feeling abandoned by the leadership.

Another expressed concern over potential repercussions, considering leaving frontline policing due to the perceived betrayal.

Criticism was directed not only towards the force's leadership but also towards the decision-makers involved in allowing the documentary to proceed.

Officers expressed embarrassment and a sense of betrayal, stating that what was once a source of pride in their work had now been tarnished.

Overall, the consensus among the officers surveyed was that the documentary had inflicted significant damage on the force's reputation, morale, and effectiveness, making their jobs more challenging in the process.

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