Olly Alexander: I'm stressed after Eurovision wardrobe malfunction


Olly Alexander, the lead singer of Years And Years, opened up about a wardrobe malfunction he experienced during the first semi-final.

The 33-year-old star performed his song "Dizzy" on Tuesday, featuring innovative staging that included an upside-down locker room setup and rotating cameras to create a spinning effect for Alexander and his dancers at the Malmo Arena.

This marked the first time the UK, already guaranteed a spot in the finals, performed during the preliminary rounds of the competition.

Reflecting on the experience of performing live on television, Alexander shared his thoughts on the radio on Tuesday.

He remarked, "Sweden goes straight through because they're hosting and Germany goes straight through. So I think the three of us were being a little bit more relaxed. I did have a slight wardrobe malfunction in that my mic pack fell off in the second chorus, so I was confused and stressed by that."

Describing his staging concept as an "interstellar locker room, hurtling through space via the 1980s, in a boxing gym," Alexander highlighted the unique nature of the Eurovision environment.

He expressed astonishment at the intensity of the event, stating, "I've never been in an environment like this before... It's over before it has begun. There's so much energy you need to conjure up and it's so intense. I mean, yeah, I've never done anything like this really, naturally. It's so unique."

Prior to his performance, Alexander admitted to feeling nervous and focused on maintaining his composure. "My heart is racing," he shared.

"Just trying to feel calm and remember what I need to do."

As the competition progresses, Alexander will compete against acts such as Ireland's Bambie Thug, Croatia's Baby Lasagna, and Ukraine's Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil in the final showdown.

With his distinctive performance style and resilience in the face of unexpected challenges, Alexander continues to captivate audiences on the Eurovision stage.

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