Piers Morgan to interview REAL LIFE Martha

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Broadcasting titan Piers Morgan is set to interview the real life Martha from Netflix show, Baby Reindeer.

In a highly anticipated move, the woman believed to be the inspiration behind the enigmatic character Martha in the hit Netflix series "Baby Reindeer" has stepped into the limelight to "set the record straight."

Fiona Harvey will make her first television appearance on Piers Morgan's show, addressing the speculation surrounding her role in the gripping drama.

"Baby Reindeer," a series inspired by the real-life encounters of comedian Richard Gadd, portrays the unsettling tale of Donny, played by Gadd himself, being relentlessly pursued by a woman named Martha after a chance encounter in a pub.

As the series captivated audiences, many became intrigued by the identity of the real Martha.

Harvey, the woman now linked to the character, spoke to The Scottish Sun, acknowledging her association with the portrayal: "He's come up with this character called Martha and he has put me right in the frame."

However, she vehemently denies any claims of stalking Gadd, as reported by the outlet.

The revelation of Harvey's identity has sparked a frenzy of interest, prompting Piers Morgan to announce the exclusive interview on his show.

Morgan took to social media to tease the upcoming episode, questioning whether Harvey is truly a "psycho stalker" and promising to delve into the truth behind her portrayal in "Baby Reindeer."

Accompanying the announcement was a trailer for the interview, featuring the text: "The 'real Martha' from Baby Reindeer tomorrow on Piers Morgan Uncensored." The inclusion of a misspelled "ihpone," reminiscent of a typo seen in the series, adds an intriguing layer to the revelation.

Amidst the speculation surrounding the real-life inspirations behind "Baby Reindeer," Gadd issued a plea to his followers, urging them not to engage in speculation about the individuals involved.

Emphasizing the importance of respecting privacy, he underscored that the essence of the show extends beyond mere conjecture.

The highly anticipated interview with Fiona Harvey is scheduled to air on May 9 at 8 pm on Piers Morgan Uncensored, available on YouTube.

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