Survey Reveals Afternoon as Prime Time for Scams

A recent survey conducted across the UK has shed light on the most vulnerable times and days for falling victim to fraud, with the afternoon emerging as the prime window for scams.

According to the findings, 43% of over 3,000 surveyed individuals who have experienced fraud in the past two years reported being scammed during the afternoon, marking it as the riskiest period of the day.

Midweek also appears to be a favored time for scammers, with Wednesday and Thursday identified as the days when people are most likely to fall prey to fraudulent activities.

The survey, conducted by Censuswide for Take Five to Stop Fraud in March and April, uncovered that one-fifth (20%) of respondents were preoccupied at the time of being scammed, while 15% admitted to feeling fatigued.

Paul Maskall, spokesperson for Take Five to Stop Fraud, emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant, especially during busy periods when red flags might be overlooked.

Maskall stated, “When we’re at our busiest, we are more likely to miss the red flags that might otherwise warn us that something could be a scam. That’s why it’s important to follow the advice of the Take Five to Stop Fraud campaign and stop, challenge and protect to stay safe from fraud."

The impact of fraud extends beyond financial loss, as nearly three in 10 (29%) respondents indicated that being defrauded had negatively affected their mental health.

Additionally, a third (33%) reported feeling less trusting of others following their experience with fraud.

In response to these findings, Take Five has introduced a new tool called scamsceptible, designed to provide tailored advice to users.

Developed in collaboration with academic Dr. David Modic, the tool aims to identify factors that make individuals more susceptible to fraud and offers tips for staying safe.

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